The New Generation Garage:


Welcome to the future of parking and electric vehicle charging. The Recarbox is more than just a lockable garage; it’s a state-of-the-art innovation that consists of recyclable and recycled materials, fits into any common parking space, doesn’t require a building permit, and allows for the installation of a wallbox inside.

How our innovation works…

…and this is what it could look like*

*in countries that drive on the left, the sliding side wall will be on the right.


fits in any common parking space

Charging current always available



integrated charging station with meter

secure entrance with wheel guides and stop sign

Chock for custom-fit driveway

Our Customers

Landlords and Housing Agencies

Landlords and agencies can generate additional income with a lucrative cost-benefit ratio by renting out Recarboxes to their tenants on a long-term basis. Making safe parking and charging accessible will help shift the electric vehicle market from an early-adopters to a mass market stage.

Providers of Outdoor Parking Spaces

Providers of outdoor parking spaces, such as hotels, airports, seaports, park-and-ride facilities, amusement parks, and various major cultural and sports events can generate additional income by renting out Recarboxes on a short-term basis. Recarboxes with included wallboxes will particularly be beneficial to owners of electric vehicles.


Car manufacturers and dealers can use the Recarbox as a means of customer retention and promotion, as it can be enhanced with appropriate designs and brand logos. Moreover, it may encourage some car buyers to opt for a higher-value vehicle, which they may not have chosen with an open-air parking space. Outdoor advertising companies can place their advertisements on highly visible parking spaces with Recarboxes, benefiting both the advertisers and Recarbox owners.


Hardware stores, auto accessory retailers, and garage brokers can explore an additional business field by distributing, delivering and providing repair services for Recarboxes. Furniture stores, garden centers, and DIY and home improvement retailers can generate additional income with the Recarbox included in their product range and make it accessible to the end consumer.

A lot of people would probably have switched to electric driving by now if they had access to a covered parking space and a private charging station.

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Our mission

Our mission is to make electric driving and safe parking accessible to all drivers, particularly in urban residential and inner-city areas.

How do we get there?

As an innovative space-saver, the Recarbox fits in any common parking space. It is not only affordable but also environmentally sustainable due to its material composition. The Recarbox can be installed without an official building permit and can be dismantled and rebuilt in another location if needed. The garage does not require a paved surface and is therefore suitable for non-paved areas.



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